Friday, April 15, 2011

Protest: Ram Gopal Verma denigrates Sri Ram

Protest: Ram Gopal Verma denigrates Sri Ram: "Anti-Hindu Ram Gopal Verma, Film producer director has denigrated Sri Ram through his baseless statements posted on Twitter and Facebook. All Hindus should protest lawfully against him.

On the link -!/RGVzoomin , Ram Gopal Verma considering himself to be a scholar of Hindu Dharma, has expressed the above opinion which is against ‘Dharma-shastra’. The same information has been uploaded even on his account on face book viz. enraging devout Hindus. Many Hindus have sent him protest – letters and registered their protest using ‘report abuse’ method.

Anti-Hindu Verma says …………

1. If there were no arrows in the ‘Ramayana’ era, I wonder how Rama would have wrestled
2. There are women like Rambha, Urvashi, Tilottama in the Heaven for men; but no such provision is there for women; therefore, the women’s organizations should protest to God for injustice done to women in Heaven
3. The nectar available in Heaven must be actually some wine or liquor as it cannot be juice of any fruit.
4. Loyal Seeta went with Rama to the forest; but would the wife of Lakshman go to Hell like forest with Lakshmana?
5. I wonder that how Dasharath could attain ‘Heaven’ despite his listening to his stupid wife and sending Rama in exile ?
6. Everyone knows that today is ‘Ram-navami’ i.e. the day Rama was born but which is the day of His death ?
(One cannot be a Hindu if his blood does not boil after reading the above ! – Editor SP)

Source: Daily Sanatan Prabhat