Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Ban on performing Aarti at the Durgadi Fort to make way for Muslim Namaaz ! - Save temples |

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    • Kalyan (Maharashtra):
    • To let the Muslims offer their Ramzan Id namaaz in the Durgadi fort, the authorities have banned Hindus from offering their Aarti at the Durgadevi temple in the historic fort during Navratri
    • As if this was not enough, to add insult to injury, the police have wrapped the temple bell in cloth to prevent people from ringing it.
    • Many Hindus expressed anger when the interior walls of the Durgadi fort were painted green during Navratri.
    • During the peak of the Navaratri Festival, Muslims painted the walls of Durgadi Fort with Green paint where the Temple of Sree Durga Devi is located.
    • While Muslims were painting the walls of Durgadi with Green paint, the Police on the other hand were refusing permission for arches to be errected by Hindus, based on a Confidential report.
    • Before this incident, the Police ordered not to worship Sree Durga Devi for two days for the convenience of Muslims in the Navaratri Festival in 2007. Also the Police ordered to remove the statue of Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj and the Saffron Flag, erected at the time of the Navaratri Festival. When the Shiv Sena warned of strong agitations, then the Police agreed to allow the ‘Darshan’ and Worship of Sree Durga Devi on the condition that no one should ring the Bell (Ghantanad) when worshiping the Deity at the time that Muslims were offering Namaj.