Monday, September 14, 2009

Molestation led to stampede at Delhi school « Hindu focus

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    • I am surprised, nobody raises the slogan of “the CM should take responsibility and resign” on such incidences or others like the metro rail mishaps, in the crime capital of India for the fifth consecutive year ….. no human right activists, no media hooplas, no political rhetorics.

      Oops, I forgot … this is a Congress government and a Congress CM in charge and their is no opposition party in India.

    • Meena Kumar, a student of std VII, told DNA, “Boys are not supposed to come to the first floor, but on Thursday teachers sent them upstairs without supervision. They pushed us around, pretending that they were falling down.”

      Meena said the boys kept saying that the “dark-skinned among us should go downstairs, while the fairer ones should stay back”. Veer Singh, father of a girl studying in std IX, said they had complained to the authorities but no action was taken. “On Thursday, some boys molested the girls, which led to the stampede,” he alleged.