Thursday, September 24, 2009

Tarun Vijay: Musharraf should be tried in India for war crimes

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    • "On February 26, 2000, Ilyas Kashmiri reportedly conducted a guerrilla operation against the Indian Army in Nakyal sector after crossing the LoC with 25 militants. He surrounded a bunker and threw grenades inside. He was able to kidnap an injured Indian officer whose throat he later slit, the report said. Ilyas came back to Pakistan with the head of the Indian officer and presented it to top army officials, including then army chief Gen Musharraf, who gave him a cash award of Rs1 lakh."

      This was reported by PTI in a story from Islamabad.

      That’s Pervez Musharraf, the darling of Delhi’s media and a trusted friend of India’s politicians of all hues and denominations. The butcher of Kargil has been getting too many audiences in Delhi.
    • Ilyas, who slit the throat of our army officer was not killed by Indian government’s action but by US drones.

      We depend on Washington for everything. Even the black box of the ill-fated helicopter that killed YSR was sent to the US for examination. We don’t have any sense of shame that even this much can't be done in our labs. So we hope that one day the US will teach Pakistan a lesson, it will see that Pakistan behaves and stops terrorism against India. Why can't our leaders take US passports and join electoral battles for a governorship a la Bobby Jindal and make the Indian soil a little relieved?
    • The National Security Adviser speaks a language of a fearful person and not one who instills confidence and courage into the minds of citizens. The newspapers have reported under the headline "Fear of 26/11 attacks", his exact words like this, "Narayanan said that he lives in daily dread of a repeat of the November 26 Mumbai terror attacks, though he added that now India is better prepared.”

      Fear should have been transported to Pakistan and it should have been for the ISI chief to say that he lives in daily dread of an Indian revenge. Pakistan must be made to live in constant fear of India’s justifiable punishment rather than the victim shivering in cold fear of an unrepentant aggressor.
    • Surely, bringing Musharraf to Delhi, this time as a war criminal for a trial, will make amends for the past mistakes.