Saturday, November 21, 2009

Is god a brothel keeper, wonders ex-law minister and triggers row

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    • Former union law minister Ram Jethmalani Saturday kicked up a row at an international conference on terrorism, asking if Islam’s jehadi doctrine does not virtually render “god a brothel keeper”, prompting a Saudi Arabian envoy to walk out of the conference.
      Addressing the seminar, Jethmalani wondered if the jehadi doctrine, propagating the belief allegedly held by Islam’s Wahab sect that Muslims attaining martyrdom while fighting non-Muslims “get a place in heaven and the company of the opposite sex there”, does not amount to saying that “god is a brothel keeper”.

      The self-confessed maverick legal hawk also went on to equate god as someone “suffering with Alzheimer’s disease”, while advising the Indian government and the international community against trusting god in fighting terrorism.

    • “I have read that shora thousands of times, but I have not found anything wrong in it. But, according to Wahab, all other people, including Christians, Jews and Hindus, and even Shias have forfeited their rights to live,” said Jethmalani.