Saturday, November 21, 2009

Sriram Sena to undertake a drive, at national level, for protection of Hinduism - Sree Ram Sena |

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    • Sriram Sena, a staunch Hindu organisation from Karnataka, working towards protection of Hinduism, has now decided to expand its activities all over the country. A central committee meeting of the organisation was held here for last 2 days which was attended by its representatives from 12 States. It has been decided in the said meeting that during the next 4 months, a 4-point program will be undertaken wherein campaign against issues related to ‘love jihad’, ‘Sachhar Committee’s report’ will be taken up so also issues involving protection of Hindus who are being oppressed in Sri Lanka and support to the national song ‘Vande Mataram’ will be undertaken. A national level committee has, therefore, been formed for the purpose. The committee will comprise of 18 members including Mr. P. Devamutthu, the Editor of ‘Hindu Voice’ and Mr. Ishwarlal Khandelwal, a pro-Hindu advocate. The committee will be headed by Mr. Pramod Mutalik.
    Mr. Pramod Mutalik and other dignitaries in the Press Conference
    • Mr. Mutalik said that false accusations have been made against Sadhvi Pragnya Singh and she has been implicated in the Malegaon bomb blast case. She has been treated so badly that her health is very bad. Why is she being oppressed when the accusations have not yet been proved? Does she not have any human rights? Why the media is silent on this issue? On one side, all facilities are provided to Kasab and on the other, Sadhvi Pragya Singh is tortured; what kind of justice is this?