Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Mourning Norman

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    • Father and daughter on discovery of Coca Cola trip, Disneyland, USA
    • September 12, 2009: A 95 years old man from Texas, USA passed away. His name was Norman Borlaug.

      On October 31, India observed the 25th anniversary of Indira Gandhi's death. It triggered major coverage in the media.

      On Novermber 14, India celebrated Children's day - this time it was the 120th birth anniversary of Jawaharlal Nehru. Little children were ritually paraded to the Prime Minister's residence.
    • It took India until 2006 to finally confer the Padma Vibhushan on him, he was awarded the title abroad.

      So, who was this Norman Borlaug and why didn't we hear much about him before?
    • To put it simply, Norman Borlaug's infinite genius caused so much increase in crop yield that Nehru's socialism simply could not kill us fast enough. We are alive today because of Norman Borlaug. But for him, the famines during the Nehru era would be far more persistent and far more wide even today. India could not produce enough food for the population levels at Nehru's time. Readers of this blog can certainly find out more about this amazing man, but we are tempted to offer this quote from the Wiki page:
      The Indian and Pakistani bureaucracies and the region's cultural opposition to new agricultural techniques initially prevented Borlaug from fulfilling his desire to immediately plant the new wheat strains there. By the summer of 1965, the famine became so acute that the governments stepped in and allowed his projects to go forward.