Wednesday, November 25, 2009

The Pioneer >> Do not persecute Hindus on basis of Liberhan report VHP

    • "What Commission has done and said could be a matter of history, a matter of debate. Because of this, neither Ram Janmabhoomi movement will stop nor the process of the construction of a magnificent temple," VHP leader Praveen Togadia told reporters here.

      "Any action against Hindu society regarding Ram temple and Babri demolition will be considered action against Hindu society. It will be not only be considered action against Hindu society but it will be considered war against the Hindu society," he said.
    • Togadia appealed to UPA president Sonia Gandhi to clear "all hurdles" which are delaying the construction of Ram temple at the disputed site "in the way (late) Rajiv Gandhi (former Prime Minister) had done for the laying of the foundation of the temple at Ram Janma Bhoomi."

      Claiming that the struggle to construct Ram temple at Ram Janmabhoomi in Ayodhya has been on for the last 450 years, Togadia said Hindus of the country feel proud in demolition of the structure "that had been put up by Babar to insult the community".
    • Reacting to the recommendations of the Commission that political leaders holding public office should not hold offices in religious organisations, Togadia questioned, "Why not the Government first remove Governor of the Andhra Pradesh who is president of Tirupati and the Vice President of India who is a trustee of a mosque."