Wednesday, November 4, 2009

|| Satyameva Jayate || - Who are these “caste Hindus”?

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    • Excerpt from  an OpEd in the Indian Express
    • As it is, many of the caste Hindus in the village apparently piped down after they were told that their actions were illegal and merited consequences — an example of how the law can be made to work.
    • So who exactly are these caste Hindus?

      A news-report in the Times of India casts some light

    • The Vanniyars of Chettipulam near Vedaranyam — designated among the most backward communities — had initially agreed to permit the Dalits into the Arulmigu Kamatchiamman Sametha Ekambareswarat Temple during peace talks organized by the administration days ago. But, on Wednesday morning, they gathered in large numbers in front of the temple and went berserk at the sight of police and revenue officials escorting the Dalits.
    • Why did the editorial writers at Indian Express not mention this? What was the point about using the words “caste Hindu”? Were they not aware of the identity of those who were opposing temple worship? or is it so much easier (and tempting) to write “caste Hindus” and forget about it?

      *Thanks to Sh Chowgule for flagging this on a Yahoo! group