Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Assertive Maulanas, Submissive Gurus

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    • Assertive Maulanas, Submissive Gurus
    • J P Sharma
    • While the steadfast pursuit of Muslim appeasement by political parties is easy to understand on account of votebank politics, it is difficult to fathom the motives of Hindu religious leaders in kow-towing to Muslim clerics. In sharp contrast to the compromising attitude of Hindu gurus, the Maulanas not only stuck to their own understanding of the demands of their religion, but had no hesitation in re-opening, without provocation, an issue which had been settled more than sixty ago (by deleting the parts of Vande Mataram held objectionable).
    • Dharmo rakshati rakshitah
    • If the leaders of the Dharma Raksha Manch are serious about protecting Dharma, they must first acquire a good knowledge of the aggressing faiths, the technology and strategy they use, and the sources of their strength. They should then find suitable ways to repel the aggressors. They must begin by removing the weaknesses of their own camp which led to the land being repeatedly conquered by big and small invaders, and weld the community into a unified and strong body capable of meeting the present and future challenges.
    • The writer is a former Addl. Secretary, Cabinet Secretariat

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