Tuesday, December 29, 2009

What is Jihad | S S Bedi

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    • Written by S S Bedi   
    • Those opposed to militant Islam will have to be like the hunter who aims his rifle between the eyes of the man-eater tiger and shoots till the tiger is dead meat. The hunter bears no enmity with the tiger, but shoots him dispassionately, so that he himself can live, and NOT end up by becoming the dinner of the man-eater.

      This has to be the attitude, not based on a hate of Islam, but a determination to put a full and final end to militant Islam, so that Human society can progress without the hindrance of any religion obstructing its path.

      After militant Islam is militarily defeated and then destroyed; the need of the day would be to come up with workable creative ideas, for brainwashing the remaining religious fanatics with techniques like anesthesia leading to amnesia and re-education of such brainwashed ex-religious fanatics; or the use of mass lobotomy to achieve the same result. Only such a technique could prevent religious fanaticism from being resurrected with a name other than militant Islam and insure the progress of human civilization without any obstacle from any religion.

    • To make it more subtle; the need is for religion and religious fanaticism to move out of human minds and be replaced by rational-humanism.

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