Friday, December 25, 2009

Christmas stars light up Hindu temples in Margao - The Times of India

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    • MARGAO
    • Even as church bells rang in the liturgical celebrations to mark Christmas, the sparkling star, signaling the birth of Jesus Christ, lit
    • up a few Hindu temples in the commercial town of Margao. The stars also found a place atop verandas and roofs of apartments and homes of dozens of Hindus in the city.
    • An initiative of Ravindra Bhavan, Margao, dozens of stars were made available to Hindus interested in displaying the same at temples and homes, well ahead of Christmas. Confirming this, Ravindra Bhavan vice president Sridhar Kamat told TOI on Thursday that some Hindu shrines in Margao had shown interest in displaying the star. "They collected stars from us for the purpose. There are more requests coming in from all quarters. This shows the enthusiasm of people from all faiths to showcase goodwill and greetings. After all, Christmas is a celebration of humanity and mankind," said Kamat.

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