Friday, December 25, 2009

Raping Daughters-in-law: Following Holy Tradition of the Prophet

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    • Radhasyam Brahmachari
    • An account of how Muslims across India are emulating the holy tradition of prophet Muhammad by raping their daughters-in-law.
    • On December 9, this year, a leading Bengali daily in Kolkata reported that Mukhtar Sheikh of the village of Dangrail in the district of Murshidabad, West Bengal, raped his newly married daughter-in-law Amina (name changed) on November 24, while his son Salam Sheikh was away. Salam, a mason, has to stay away occasionally from home according to demand of his job. On the fateful day, he went to his construction site at Asansol and Mukhtar utilized the opportunity and raped Salam’s wife. When Salam returned home, he advised his wife to hush up the matter. He also locked her in a room so that she might not go outdoor and tell the story to outsiders.
    • The report also said the marriage of Salam and Amina took place only six months ago. So far, Latifur was happy with the marriage of his daughter to Salam, but the rape incident upset him. The investigating police officer told reporters that, in 2005, when the entire nation was tumultuous with the raping of Imrana by her father-in-law in the Charthwala village in Uttar Pradesh (see below), a similar incident happened in the village of Belgharia in the Sagardighi area of Murshidabad district. In 2006, a similar incident took place in the Baliarghati village of the Suti area of Murshidabad. In the Baliarghati incident, the matter was settled by a kangaroo court of local clerics, while the incident in the Beigharia is still to be decided in the court of law. These incidents make it clear that raping daughters-in-law by their fathers-in-law is regular occurrence in Muslim society and that most of these cases are either hushed up or settled by the local clerics. Cases that appear in the media are only the tip of the iceberg. A few such incidents that surfaced in public are narrated below.

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