Friday, December 25, 2009

HINDU SAMHATI: Barbaric assault on Hindus in Jangipara village

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    • On 15th November, 2009 around 4 PM Trinomool Congress took out a victory procession from the two Muslim dominated villages, namely Sufijangal and Bahana of Jangipara, Hoogly district.

      It is noteworthy that about eighty percent of the people who joined and led the procession were Muslims, and the remaining ones were Hindus. Raising fiercely the Islamic slogans, i.e., Allah Ho Akbar and Narae Takdir, the belligerent procession made its way through the main road and entered the Hindu villages one after one, namely Borhol, Khurigachi, Nikash, Dilkhash etc and damaged and looted Hindu shops. The tea stall of Sankar Das (Hindu) at 'Borhol Bypass More' was looted and razed to the ground. "All Hindus of the area will be chopped off"-such slogans were aired. The Hindus were beaten up indiscriminately.

    • Prasenjit Bag, a well-known worker of Hindu organisations received serious injuries in the attack. He had to be hospitalized and his left limb is still in critical condition. The assailants who hit him with thick rods are listed below:

      1) Jambur Mallick (father's name: Ismail Mallick)

      2) Sheikh Rojob Ali (father's name: Sheikh Sajjad Ali)

    • They told that when Muslims beat and stabbed them with lethal weapons, they reiterated the slogan, "The signs of Islamic terror are being painted on Hindu bodies now". This incident occurred a day before at the nearby village named 'Sitapur'.

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