Friday, December 4, 2009

‘Love jehad’ now a battle in court

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    • Thiruvananthapuram:
    • Kerala is fast witnessing a communal polarisation over the emerging trend of ‘love jehad’ with prominent Hindu organisations and certain Christian groups crying foul over the alleged conversion of girls to Islam in the name of love. They have clubbed together all missing cases, marriage rackets and elopements under love jehad, a euphemism for forced conversion under the pretext of love. Hindu organisations have alleged that even men are being targeted for conversion.


      On the other hand, this has served as a rallying point for Muslim organisations with the right-wing Popular Front of India openly declaring support for conversions.

    • Intelligence sources said a common factor running through the cases the police investigated was the “suspicious haste shown to convert the girls to Islam. There were cases in which the Muslims youths threatened to quit the affair if the girls were not ready to embrace Islam. Right-wing Muslim organisations had ensured ground support for the youths to keep the girls in custody until the protests petered out,” sources said.

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