Friday, December 4, 2009

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    • Bangalore
    • A 100-year-old ritual practised in a Karnataka temple of tossing babies from the temple roof to honour a vow taken by the parents has prompted the authorities to say that the practice would be banned.

      Around 200 babies, all under the age of two, were flung down from a concrete structure built on the terrace of the Shanteshwara temple, near Indi town in Bijapur, by the temple priest on Wednesday. The babies fall on a blanket held by temple officials on the ground.

      "We are planning to ban the age-old ritual of baby-tossing practiced in a temple in Bijapur district. We have decided to end the cruel practice against infants in the name of rituals," Neena Nayak, chairperson of Karnataka State Commission for Protection of Child Rights, said on Friday.

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