Sunday, January 24, 2010

Hindu Samajotsava urges government to enact anti cow slaughter act

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    • Absence of Varun Gandhi disappoints crowds
    • Pics: Rajesh Shetty
    • The Hindu Samajotsava today drew over 50,000 crowd from all over the Southern districts of Karnataka. But their 'apple of the eye' Varun Gandhi was missing, which disappointed the crowd to a great extent. However the Samajotsava went on with the usual fanfare and copious speeches over the Hindu unity rolled out from the speakers, thrilling the crowd.

      The air was charged with Hindutva feelings as the crowd roared at every call the speakers made to forge Hindu unity and defeat communities that try to destabilize India. The speakers in unison said that India belonged to Hindus and non Hindus should join the mainstream of the society and try to build a nation that portrays absolute integration, "let us not forego our nationality and help enemies of India to make our country weak".

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