Sunday, January 24, 2010 - J & K: the unfinished colonial agenda

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    • J & K: the unfinished colonial agenda
    • Nancy Kaul
    • The Greater Kashmir of Srinagar on 10 Dec. 2009 wrote, “The High Court Association President, Mian Abdul Qayoom today described Kashmir struggle for freedom as an Islamic struggle, saying ‘if we want to achieve freedom we should have clarity about our goal.’”


      This statement is crystal clear; terrorists and Kashmiri Muslims are part of an Islamic struggle. If this is so, then the terror spillover from the Valley too is a spillover of Islamic struggle. Pakistan’s oft made remark is to bleed India through a thousand cuts. Kashmir Valley is the first step towards the realization of this Islamic goal.

    • Three important questions arise. First, is policy-making happening at the behest of these seminars and platforms which propagate the rabble rousing of the separatist elements? Two, why in the garb of such talks and discussions is the agenda of furthering the balkanization of India inching forward? Third, why are political parties giving legitimacy to these peaceniks by either calling them closer to the corridors of power, or allowing them to become the sole decision-makers and policy-definers in the country? Otherwise what can explain the presence of feminist-turned-political-event-manager Madhu Kishwar, an ardent advocate of Mufti Sayeed’s self-rule formula, at a function on Kashmir Exodus Day hosted by the Syama Prasad Mookerjee Research Foundation? Predictably, she seized the opportunity to propagate the devolution of Indian sovereignty in Jammu & Kashmir!
    • The author is convener, Daughters of Vitasta

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