Sunday, January 24, 2010 - Hindu Dharma Acharya Sabha – Piece on a global chess-board 2

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    • Hindu Dharma Acharya Sabha – Piece on a global chess-board 2
    • Radha Rajan
    • International meetings and declarations: What’s in it for Hindus on Hindu bhumi?
    • It was not from the people of India that India was won by Moghul or Briton, but from a small privileged class” - (Aurobindo, Bande Mataram, April 29, 1907).


      Aurobindo’s perspicacious analysis of how the Hindu nation was enslaved, first by Jihadis and then by the Crusaders who co-opted a section of the privileged class to enslave us, may well apply to the small privileged class manipulating the HDAS, the highest body of Hinduism’s traditional religious leaders.


      The HDAS is in very real danger of becoming a piece on the global chess-board not because any one or even a few of the mathathipathis have turned their inward-looking eyes to view foreign shores, but because “a small privileged class” has monumental ambitions to be seen by “inside and outside agencies” as being the face and voice of Hindu dharma – well educated and trained to face the modern world, engage in scholarly debates and to participate in international conferences(HDAS Resolutions, January 11, 2010)

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