Monday, January 11, 2010

P Parameswaran writes to Dr Singh National anthem insulted at PM functions

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    • By S Chandrasekhar
    • First it was the turn of ‘Vande Matharam’. Now ‘Jana Gana Mana’ is being targeted.

      The Prime Minister Dr. Man Mohan Singh was in Thiruvananthapuram on January 3 to inaugurate the 97th Indian Science Congress. Leading Indian Scientists from all over the globe, International Scientists and Nobel Prize Winners attended the inaugural meet. The Prime Minister also attended two other functions including that of Kerala Pradesh Congress.

      But in all the three functions, the National Anthem was neither played nor sung. As per protocol the National Anthem is necessarily played at the end of functions attended by President, Vice President, Prime Minister, Chief Ministers, Governor etc. As per media reports the ‘PMO’ had directed the function organisers not to play the national Anthem, since it was not getting due respect in many ceremonies!
    • RSS ideologue and Bharateeya Vicharam Kendram Director Padmasri P. Parameswaran has sent a letter to the PM stating that the move was shocking to any person with national esteem and feelings.

      "It is difficult to comprehend that the audience comprising of national leaders, prominent citizens, scientists from all over the globe and elite citizens of Kerala will not give consideration and importance to the National Anthem. This is an insult to National Anthem and citizens at large. I join lakhs of Keralites and patriots to record strong protest in this breach of tradition," he wrote.

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