Sunday, January 17, 2010

The Pioneer > Online Edition : >> Alarm as Rajneesh’s widow disappears from in law’s home

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    • Mohit Kandhari | Jammu
    • Anchal nee Amina suspected to have reached Srinagar
    • Anchal Sharma nee Amina Yousaf, widow of Rajneesh Sharma, who was seeking justice from the apex court to bring culprits responsible for her husband’s death behind bars, has suddenly disappeared from the house of her in-laws in Jammu under mysterious circumstances.

      Leaving behind a trail of puzzles for the Jammu and Kashmir Police to solve, Anchal reportedly disappeared in the wee hours of Friday when all other members of the family were fast asleep.

      According to her in-laws, Anchal was barefoot and was not even wearing woollens when she disappeared in the wee hours.

      Even the lone police guard on duty was found sleeping when Anchal went missing through the rear gate of the house.

      Ironically, the cover of five policemen provided to Rajneesh's family on the directions of the apex court was lifted by the local police authorities in the name of Republic Day duty only a few days back.
    • Unconfirmed reports, however, suggested that Anchal had safely reached Srinagar and is said to be camping in the house of a close relative.

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