Sunday, January 17, 2010

Ghatotkacha's blog: Human Right commission stays award to Anti Hindu Novel on Draupadi

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    • The Pandavas, the five brothers and their mother Empress Kunti wanted Princess Draupadi to marry all five brothers. In Hindu households, it is the older son who marries first then the younger sons. Arjuna too felt that older brothers Yudhisthtira and Bhima had to marry first before he married. The only solution they found was for all the five brothers to marry Princess Draupadi. This solution was opposed by King Drupada, Prince Dhristadyumna and Princess Draupadi.
    • Maharishi Veda Vyasa was invited to the confabulation to sort out the royal mess! Veda Vyasa, the fountainhead of Dharma, The Best of Munis, counseled as follows:
    • Another APADDHARMA is for a woman to marry more than one brother to avoid a calamity. Such marriages prove successful if the wife is wise and the husbands considerate. She has to give equal dedication to all of her husbands.

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