Monday, January 18, 2010 - Demilitarization of J&K: Delhi yielding, mercenaries and Pakistani agents winning

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    • Demilitarization of J&K: Delhi yielding, mercenaries and Pakistani agents winning 
    • Hari Om
    • Mr. Antony inter alia disclosed that the Central Reserve Police Force (CRPF) will take over the security of the Jammu-Srinagar National Highway 1-A from the Army from January 15. The Union Government has every right to take such a step. It must have gone into the whole issue and taken note of the prevailing security scenario all along the National Highway before reaching the conclusion that the CRPF, and not the Army, could guard the highly sensitive National Highway.


      What disturbed and dumbfounded observers was his irresponsible comment that the decision to this effect has been taken to “reduce the visibility of the Army.” The Minister’s comment must have pleased the mercenaries and the Pakistani agents who had assembled at New Delhi’s prestigious India International Centre (IIC) on Jan. 11 and attacked India and the India Army for full three days (Jan. 11 - 13). Actually, a number of mercenaries, separatists, murderers, communalists and Pakistani agents had converged at the IIC to participate in the India-Pakistan conference; all were hailed by a section of the media as “peaceniks” (peace activists).


      The Defence Minister made his mind-boggling comment at a time when the anti-India and pro-Pakistan forces, plus the Kashmiri separatists, were asking New Delhi to “demilitarize Jammu & Kashmir” and resume the stalled composite dialogue process with Pakistan, so that Pakistani views on Indian Jammu & Kashmir and the views of Kashmiri separatists, including their demand for demilitarization, are accommodated, and they get what they have been striving for since October 1947.

    • What is the political message of the Indian Defence Minister? It is, shamefully, this:

      His ministry shares the view of the mercenaries, Pakistani agents and Kashmiri separatists that the Indian Army is a bad institution and that the presence of the Indian Army in the terrorist-infested Jammu & Kashmir is illegal, provocative, and undesirable, and that the withdrawal of the Army from the State could be a great confidence-building measure.

    • The author is Chair Professor, Gulab Singh Chair, Jammu University, Jammu

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