Thursday, February 18, 2010

On Faith Panelists Blog: The intent behind the words - Aseem Shukla

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    Aseem Shukla
    • co-founder, Hindu American Foundation

      Aseem Shukla

      Associate Professor in urologic surgery at the University of Minnesota medical school. Co-founder and board member of Hindu American Foundation.

    • Yoga is now mostly delinked from Hinduism to the extent that most only see it as an ancient Indian exercise at best. That it was developed by Hindu saints as comprised of eight limbs of moral and ethical teachings propelling the aspirant to moksha, or salvation, is completely ignored in yoga studios everywhere.

      Ayurveda, the art and science of healing, depicted in the Vedic scriptures, is now synonymous with commercial spas, bath lotions and creams. The word was not "owned" by Hindus, and its commercial appropriation is a tragic reminder that one must own their story, their narrative.

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