Thursday, April 15, 2010

Haindava Keralam - Rahul Gandhi getting lessons on Hinduism from Dr.Karan Singh

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      Many are familiar with Congress scion Rahul Gandhi’s frequent travels to different parts of the country, which help him understand what’s happening in these areas.
      What is less known is that Karan Singh, the founder of the Hindu Virat Sabha, is teaching the young Gandhi what he needs to know about Hinduism. The two meet every once in a while in the Capital to further the young scion’s knowledge.
    • Dr. Karan Singh is an expert on Hinduism and it is good to know that Rahul Baba is getting upto speed on his religion. Let us hope that he learns well and understands the REAL history of India. This tutelage should not just be an academic exercise but should be an endeavor by Rahul to understand day to day issues of Hinduism including abt the pysche of Islamic jehad and Christian missionary cunning.

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