Thursday, April 15, 2010

Haindava Keralam - Rampant Islamic Conversion in Gulf

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    • While Christian conversion is going on unabated within India , Islamic conversion has gained momentum among the expatriates in the Gulf. There have been many cases of the poor and illiterate Hindu workers from India , Nepal , Srilanka and Bangladesh getting converted en masse to Islam in order to survive in the Gulf and make a living. Many of them are not even aware of the implications of converting to Islam and opt for it thinking that it can be undone when the situation improves. But once inside the hell the doors are closed for ever and many of them lead a life of utter misery and depression. Once converted the predators know that it is a non-return path and they change their policy to the slavery system that is DNA printed among Arabs. The condition of poor Hindu workers and those get trapped in Islam are pathetic in the Gulf.

      The situation has taken more ugly turn in recent times. Almost all the GCC countries, especially Saudi, UAE and Qatar , are allocating millions of petro-dollars every year to accelerate their desired take-over of the entire Asian continent by 2025 AD.
    • The latest trick they have introduced for trial among qualified Hindu expatriates is one of ‘trapping to convert’. The case of one Dr. Ashish Chawla, aged 36 years, an Indian National who was working at KING KHALID HOSPITAL , NAJRAN ( SAUDI ARABIA ) who expired on 31st January, 2010 at Najran, is one such.
      In the above links, the doctor’s brother himself admits that it is a normal death and they suspect no foul play. But the doctor’s wife (herself a doctor) is in jail for the last two months leaving her infant child in the custody of others. It is reported that Dr. Chawla was interested in Islam and was learning Arabic to gain more understanding, whereas his wife was against it. When the doctor died suddenly, some of the Indian advisors floated the theory of a murder so that the lady doctor can be tortured inside the jail to convert. The horrific case of death sentence for 17 Indians for killing a Pakistani in Sharjah is another such attempt. By a rough estimate, at least fifty thousand Hindus are getting converted to Islam every year in the GCC countries. This is something highly dangerous and must be exposed like the Love-Jihad in India .   

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