Sunday, May 16, 2010

From Bangaru Laxman to Pramod Muthalik: The history of Indian media’s toothless ANTI-HINDU STING OPERATIONS | Great Hindu

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    • Now I don’t know whether to trust Muthalik or not, but I see a pattern in this sting operations.

      Why does the Media target only Hindus in sting operations. Tehelka has a history of sting operations which are intended to malign only HIndus. First they did it on Bangaru Laxman. Second they tried to trap Modi but Modi was far too intelligent for these idiots.

      Recently, an attempt to create a blue film using a dupe resembling Ramachandrapura Mutt seer was foiled.

      Why is it that there is an extra zeal in defaming Hindus? Are all these Muzzi Mulllahs and Christist evangelists or the left bastards beyond suspicion. Is it that they are all eunuchs without any trace of greed and sexuality?

      Certainly not, the entire sting operation reeks of slush funds. They should be thorougly investigated and brought to book.

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