Sunday, May 23, 2010


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    • Perhaps it is just a meaningless coincidence that an Air India Express Boeing 737 overshot the runway at Mangalore, killing 158 Indians, just as the United Progressive Alliance government was completing one year in office in its second consecutive term. But if you read the tea leaves, as it were, you might see a picture, a pattern cannot be wished away.

      For the last six years, Air India has been toyed with and all but destroyed by whimsical decisions, unpardonable mismanagement and even commandeering of aircraft by Praful Patel's IPL-employed daughter. It all started with Patel changing the livery of Indian Airlines, only to merge it with Air India before the paint had dried on the aircraft, necessitating another expensive change.

      Evidently no has noticed that while the new livery that adorned the tail of each plane of Indian Airlines depicted a rising sun, in the new albatross named Air India, the sun appears to be setting. May be another meaningless coincidence. But, it is common knowledge that ever since the merger of the two state-owned airlines took place amidst protests and warnings, the health of the airline started by the legendary JRD Tata has deteriorated as rapidly as the health of the minister and the babus responsible for ruining it has improved.

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