Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Rahim behaves like Ram or Robert to be part of crowd | TwoCircles.net

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    • The jubilation at the news of Kasab’s capital punishment was obscene. The pronouncement of the death sentence was a grim event reminding us of the unfortunate obligation of a state to break a human being’s neck to kill him. It was no occasion to raise the victory sign nor to fire crackers on the road. But if Rahim does not join Ram and Robert in the celebration he will be branded pro-terrorism. It is like if he is not with them he is against them.
    • And since Rahim is not capable of thinking rationally he does the crazy things like holding the placard asking to hang Kasab at Bhendi Bazar or like going to Azad maidan and praying in front of television cameras for the defeat of Pakistani team in a cricket match.

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