Thursday, May 20, 2010

Tarun Vijay: The Times Of India - ‘Why should Manipur remain in India?’

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    • Manipur faces a crisis that’s communal in its colour and anti-national in its import.

      Insurgents, blatantly anti-Indian, control the social and political life. They work on unhindered communal hatred. In Kashmir, Hindus were driven out by Islamist jihadis and nothing happened? In Nagaland and Manipur it’s the Christian and jihadi insurgents stifling the Hindu masses and their voices. The real fight is to get maximum number of non-Christians either converted or annihilated. It’s as simple as that. It’s a foreign-aided political colonialism in the garb of religious fervor.

      Manipur is on their target for its Vaishnav traditions. And how? The China-fixed insurgent group Peoples’ Liberation Army (PLA) has given notices to all non-Manipuri Hindus to leave the state by May 31. Its slogan is – unless they sever all ties with “Hindus, Hindi and Hindi speaking people’’ their target to have an independent Manipur can’t be achieved. The best protection for a non-Manipuri resident is to display Islamic half-skull cap, because none of the Muslims have ever been targeted or asked to leave, no matter which state they come from.
    • The entire north east is in the grip of an unprecedented wave of Christianization with the help of foreign money. Recently on May 5, a huge Jesus statue was unveiled in Arunachal Pradesh said to be the tallest in Asia, in a region where Christian population is less than 5%. But still Kohima can’t have a Gandhi statue as the NSCN opposes any Indian icons in their region.

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