Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Common funeral held for the twelve unidentified victims of Air crash


  • Mangalore
  • The curtain has finally come down on the tragedy of Air India Express Dubai-Mangalore IX-812 flight that crashed at the Bajpe airport on 22nd May 2010 that had resulted in the death of 158 of 166 on board, when the bodies of the last twelve victims of the disaster including that of Ignatius D’Souza of Manibettu, Moodubelle were accorded a common funeral on Wednesday, 2nd June 2010 at 4.30 pm on the bank of the Kulur River on the Panamboor side.  The site was prepared in advance with 12 graves dug in three lines having four graves each.
  • With the arrival of the unidentified bodies to the burial ground they were laid by the side of the allotted graves by volunteers. Thereafter priests representing three religions, Islam, Roman Catholicism and Hindu recited their respective prayers for the eternal rest of the souls of the deceased.
  • The unidentified mortal remains that were finally laid to  rest by the side of the Kulur River on the side of Panamboor were those of : Ignatius D’Souza of Shaktinagar, Mohammed Ismail Hassan of Jeppu, K K Shetty of Kodialbail, Vaman Prabhu of Ashoknagar, all hailing from Mangalore; Aboobakker Siddiq, Abdul Aziz, brothers from Uppala;  Abdul Basheer from Bekal, Sukumar from Mailatti, Sujatha Survase-Air India crew member, Naveed Ibrahim, Malpe, Zainab Mohammed Ziyad and Mohammed Zubair from Udupi,both children.