Wednesday, June 2, 2010

The Morung Express - A Short Tretise On Naga And Manipur Histories

A Short Tretise On Naga And Manipur Histories


  • Kaka D. Iralu
  • One major reason for this tragic state of affairs is primarily because of India’s divide and rule policy to keep us divided and at one another’s throats so that she can quietly go on exploiting and sucking away our mineral wealth from underneath our feet. India has done this very effectively by keeping us ignorant of our own histories while subtly permeating our minds and memories with Indian history that, in the first place, has nothing to do with us. After all, neither Akbar nor Ashoka were North Eastern Mongolian Kings to whom we owe any allegiance or historical fidelity. Neither were the Mauryan or Mughal dynasties of India part of our history in any sense. But we were made to study these foreign histories as our own history right from our primary schools all across our college and university studies. That being the case with most of us, for all these years, we have been living as neighbors with our Manipur and Assamese counterparts with very little historical knowledge about them or even ourselves!
  • Their original religion which is called Sanamahi also resembles many Christian beliefs like man being created in the image of God.
  • Meetei’s and Nagas are still blood brothers who know their own common origins and the boundaries of their habitations. Therefore they must sit down together and settle their territorial disputes by sticking to historical facts rather than listening to or conforming to British or Indian boundary lines. This is because while we are indigenous inhabitants of our lands, the British and Indians are foreigners who do not own even an inch of our native lands.