Tuesday, June 22, 2010

DeshGujarat.Com » There’s FIFA going on in Bihar for Minority votebank

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    • By Japan K Pathak
      Ahmedabad, DeshGujarat
    • It seems, if Muslim population rise to 50% in Bihar in future, the prominent politicians of that time will embrace Islam to woo the votebank
    • On Sunday evening, one of the news media houses exposed Nitish. While it is in public domain now that Nitish didn’t spend Rs 5 crore Gujarat aid meant for Kosi flood victims for two years, the news camera traveled to Kosi flood affected Madhepura area and interviewed one Yasmin Banu who told how she had not received any help from the state government after the flood that ruined her life. The TV channel also interviewed around half a dozen other flood affected people. All of them had faced hard time during to flood but had not received any help from the state government. The channel literally exposed Nitish’s Muslim appeasement drama by showing Muslim victims of Kosi flood, and their story.

      Muslims constitute 16% of Bihar’s total population. There are 1 crore 37 lac Muslims in Bihar. They are significantly present in 60 assembly areas of Bihar. In last three years Nitish government has initiated several schemes to win Muslim votes. Kabrastan walls, separate hostels for minority students, monuments in memory of minority leaders, computerization of Wakf board’s properties, Chief Minister minority student encouragement scheme, financial aid to Muslim widows, coaching for Muslim students etc. are some of the schemes.

    • Now read this. How Muslims became prominent group of voters in Bihar. One of the reasons is intrusion from Bangladesh.
    • In Kishanganj, the place that sent Taslimuddin to Parliament, Muslims constitute close to 68 per cent of the population. In Purnea, Araria and Katihar they are 37 to 42 per cent. In these districts the population of Muslms is growing a quarter to three-quarters faster than the population of non-Muslims. And these are precisely the districts in which Bangladeshis are settling down.
    • Narendra Modi’s Bihar visit and post-visit episodes could be well utilized by the BJP to awake the 84% voters of Bihar with realization campaign that, because they are not united, they are being victimized by minority appeasement politics of Lalu/Nitish/Paswan and Congress. But BJP would not play this gamble, because the party is afraid of using ‘H’ word anymore, and more afraid of doing long-term politics these days. Also because, BJP believes, anything and anyone is better than to give even a remote opportunity to Congress.

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