Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Indian Actor Refuses To Play Hitler In Bollywood Film | AHN

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    • Yamini Kaul - AHN News Contributor

      Mumbai, India (AHN) - A host of actors around the world have played the role of German dictator Hitler, much to the chagrin of many who felt that bringing him alive onscreen only furthered his name in public memory.

      Be it Charlie Chaplin, Bobby Watson, Steven Berkoff, Robert Carlyle, Bruno Ganz or Sir Alec Guinness, all have played the Nazi dictator onscreen without caring much for what the general public thought about it.

      However, veteran Indian film actor Anupam Kher is refusing to play Hitler in a Hindi film, "Dear Friend Hitler," to be directed by Rakesh Ranjan Kumar. Kher, who was already having second thoughts after first agreeing to play the role, has finally succumbed to calls from various quarters, asking him not to play the greatest dictator of the world.

      Kher said he was ready to compensate the producers of the film by doing another film for them, if they so wished.

    • However, out of all his fans, it was the German mother-in-law of his mentor, filmmaker Mahesh Bhatt,whose opinion drove the point home for Kher. He got a call from Bhatt’s mother-in-law, saying, “It is not only the Jews who suffered because of Hitler. The Germans too suffered. I’m one and I know what I went through. Please don’t do anything to further the name of that blot from history.”

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