Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Organiser - Warren Hastings to Warren Anderson By Dr Pravin Togadia

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    • Warren Hastings to Warren Anderson
      By Dr Pravin Togadia
    • It has always been a practice of many-people, political parties, NGOs, some media-to keep on criticising ‘others’ without even trying to peep into own verandah! After the Holocaust, the second global biggest gas chamber took place nowhere else but in the independent Bharat. Bhopal reeled under it. Over 20,000 deaths, millions of physical and mental disabilities then and continuing even now. Except the then news coverage in a few print media and some purposely weakened court cases, nothing was said and done about it by the same people, who from 2002 have been blaming all Hindus in Gujarat, same people who dug out graves even in Bhagalpur just to punish Hindus and by the very same people who always took a pseudo-moral high ground whenever Hindus stood up against injustice meted out to them by the residues of invaders!

      There is truly no difference between the attitude of Warren Hastings and Warren Anderson. Those who did not have any heirs or those who were weak-such kings in the then Bharat were literally reduced to slaves by Warren Hastings even though people they ruled were happy with them. It was just to gobble up the states of the then Bharat as an imperial craze. Obviously the wealth of those states was all looted by Warren Hastings and his types then. Warren Anderson too did the same in a modern corporate way. Manipulating the then industrial scenario of Bharat Union Carbide pushed its way in Bharat. Bharat never needed the product they made anyways. In any other developed nation they would have to have a plant fully complying with the environmental safety standards. Not in Bharat. Didn’t Bharat have any such standards? Bharat had the rules-but on papers and that too for Indian companies.
    • Those who helped Warren Anderson flee Bharat enjoyed power for years. Their progeny is also enjoying power, money and life today whereas millions of Indians are still suffering. Do not get surprised if now to prevent any more cases on Warren Anderson and the types, if the same people come out with the new laws and constitutional amendments! Hafiz Sayeed, Dawood etc can’t be brought into Bharat because Pakistan doesn’t care a hoot for Bharat, Headly can’t be brought into Bharat because America manipulates with its sweet-Nuke-talk, Warren Anderson can’t be brought to books in Bharat for 25 years because the then ruling people helped him to flee after causing the second largest global gas chamber in Bharat! It is not shameful or disgusting; it is a gross violation of the law. But those who kept on saying in each election rally and even in their old age on the new electronic media that RSS killed Mahatma Gandhi (for which there were defamation cases on him and he had to apologise. But his then leader's progeny yet keeps on saying the same about RSS and sure to prevent such cases on him now his accomplices may even amend the constitution!)
    • Those who claim so much love for Malegaon and Ajmer victims are so conspicuously silent about Bhopal victims! Who really are the names in Bhopal escape saga? Ex-Justice Ahmadi, ex-Additional Solicitor General Aftab Ahmed, the then External Affairs Minister-state-Salman Khursheed, Pilots Hassan and Ali.... This is Bharat; not Pakistan. Bharat has its own CRPC. Sharia is only for personal matters; but those who shout every now and then about their ‘so called religious’ freedom under Sharia-what would they have done to all these people named above had the victims been allowed to follow Sharia? Sounds strange from me?

      But now there would be not uneasy but very studied and arrogant silence or some heavy English blah blah by these people. When Jamait-e-Ulema-e-Hind officially announced that they had created a pool of lawyers to help all those who had been caught for jehadi terrorism including the recently banned IM (Indian Mujahidin) Italian born madam recently sat on their dais and said, "Jamait ke aur humaare usool ek hain"-(Ours and Jamait’s ideology is the same!) Now is the time for Bharat to stand up again and ask all those who matter "Is yours and Warren Anderson’s ideology same too? So, you openly ban Indian Mujahidin but ensure that your state police file such a weak defense that Pune blast accused Abdul Samad gets bail, Faheem Ansari and the likes get acquitted and Warren Anderson, Headly flee Bharat! No brilliant lawyer or a prudent non-corrupt judge can do anything if the rulers mess up or influence the judicial process or even changes the law or creates bodies like NIA to jail all Hindus. Once the then Gujarat police officer Srikumar blamed the then Gujarat government for 2002 riots and the same people who helped Warren Anderson, Headly, Dawood flee Bharat lapped it up like a chocolate by a kid, NGOs and a few media treated that as ‘credible’ evidence, went to the Supreme Court and somehow got to set up even an SIT to send Hindus to jail. But now when the similar level government people in Bhopal-the then Collector-DM, Aviation Director are blaming the then governments and the same chocolate-lapping politicians and others are behaving as if those government officers don’t even exist! Same with Maharashtra Miraj riots! The then SP blamed a ruling political party’s leader there for riots and the SP is transferred, the leader is arrested just as a show but sure soon he would be out on bail. So if a government officer blames Hindus, he is honest; and if he blames anyone other that Hindus or RSS, VHP, then he does not even exist!
    • (The writer is a renowned cancer surgeon and International General Secretary of VHP. He can be contacted on drtogadia@gmail.com)

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