Friday, June 4, 2010

Haindava Keralam - Chidambaram seeks Fraud Swami Agnivesh's support to tackle Maoist's !

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    • Chidambaram writes to Swami Agnibesh
      By Srimanthan Arya
      In a confidential letter to the Swami Agnibesh, Home Minister requested Swamiji to intervene in the matter of Maoist.  He wrote “I would encourage you to reach out to the CPI (Maoist) and persuade them to accept the Government’s offer for talks…”.  It was written in the letterhead of Government of India on 11th May, 2010, i.e. just after five days of Dantewada massacre.  The memo no. of the letter is D/3082-HMP/2010 dated 11.05.2010.
    • Now the question is who is Swami Agnibesh?  He is the son of the soil of Chhatishgarh and graduated in St. Javier’s College of Kolkata .    He was education minister of Haryana.  His name was Shyam Vepa Rao.  Now he is Arya Samaj activist and preaching vedic socialism.

      But few days ago he went to UPA Supremo Sonia Gandhi along with radical Muslim leaders to recommended 10% reservation of Muslims in job.

      Then the question arise:

      1) Why Mr. Chidambaram choose this person to intervene in this serious issue?
      2) Why did Swamiji leaked the context of the letter to media in spite of Minister’s request?


      HK Adds

      This fraudster has no relation with Arya Samaj. He was also condemned by 17 of the 19 Arya Samaj Pratinidhi Sabhas in India due to his diametrically opposite stand to Arya Samaj on its principles..

      The Arya Samaj movement has been demanding answers from him since he became self-declared President of the World Council of Arya Samaj, an organisation which he founded. He is yet to answer 372 outstanding questions posed by the organization.

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