Friday, June 4, 2010

Haindava Keralam - Hindu temple panorama

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    • GSK Menon

      While travelling in different parts of our country one gets to see the marvels of Hindu architecture and the diversified regional styles. Many of our countrymen especially the economically underprivileged do not get to see such glorious architectural wonders. I often think that either some big Hindu organisations/individuals can start work on a project which would require a few acres of land. All the Hindu architectural style temples should be housed in this complex, for example Kerala temple design, Tamilnadu, Bengal, U.P, Rajasthan etc etc. The visitors/pilgrims will have a broad view of the various Hindu temple designs. Just like Disneyland, this will be a complex of diversified HIindu architectural temples. We could also try to instil  some futuristic thinking by allowing all humanity to enter and pray, no distinction of race, caste, sex, religion. All individuals desirious of doing priestly duties, both male and female should be welcomed. The temples should have sign boards in Sanskrit/English and every Indian language. It should also evolve as a centre of excellence for research purposes. This kind of a complex should be set up preferably in every state or at least in five different parts of the country, including the North East.
    • S C Mitra
    • The next is how to sustain such an organization without regular collection of fund. If its declared as Places of worship our Govt. may take over, collect fund and hand it over to Muslims/Christian to buy vote. How to avoid that.

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