Friday, June 4, 2010

Haindava Keralam - Christian terrorists ultimatum to convert, Budhhists seek Central Government intervention

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      Ven.Bhaddanta Aggadhamma
      Mahasaddhamma Jotikadhaja,
      Dhammaduta Secretary of Purvanchal Bhikkhu Sangha,
      President, Namsai Pariyatti Sasana Buddhist Vihara,
      Namsai  792 103
      Dist Lohit, Arunachal Pradesh,
      Tel: 03806-262331
      Mobile: 09436049474

      Dr.Manmohan Singh,
      Honorable Prime Minister of India,
      New Delhi
      Sub: Forceful Religious Conversion of Buddhists into Christianity at Changlang Distt. Of Arunachal Pradesh and nexus of such activists with underground Militants.
      Dear Honorable Prime Minister,
                              Since last few years, strong groups of Christian Religious activists with the active support of the underground militants have been reportedly involved in converting people of poor Tikhak Buddhist Community into Christian religion, whose life have been reeling under great insecurity and threat.
                              The mode of propaganda for conversion they adopted are (1) inducement with monetary and material helps, (2) coercion with allurements and advocating efficacy of Christian Science on soft targets - person (s) in ill health, prolonged sickness and precariousness, (3) forceful persuasion of person in distress with ‘false’ promise of deliverance in life, (4) Dictates their terms and issue ultimatum for conversion with stipulated time for conversion through the local underground militants like NSCN (I-M) etc.

    • Yours in Dhamma,
                                                                              [VEN. BHADDANTA AGGADHAMMA] 
                                                                              MAHASADDHAMMA JOTIKADHAJA
      Copy to:
      1. Mrs.Sonia Gandhi, Chairperson, UPA
      2. Honorable Minster for Home, Govt. Of India
      3. Honorable Minister for Defense, Govt. Of India
      4. Honorable Minister for Labor and Employment, Govt. Of India.
      5. The National Commission of Minorities
      6. The National Commission of Scheduled Tribe

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