Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Nano Post - Sagarika Ghose drawing communal lines in Indian cricket team

Nano Post - Sagarika Ghose drawing communal lines in Indian cricket team: "

...thus tweets Sagarika Ghose a leading figure of the holier thou self appointed custodian of secularism, of the great Indian media (circus). Whats the agenda behind singling out players from a particular community, aren't they part of the Indian team? Wasn't the victory a great team effort? Why make them feel different from the rest of the team? Why draw these communal lines in the Indian cricket team? What is the thought process behind this comment, is she trying to highlight Muslim patriotism when no one asked them to prove it it.

This is minority appeasement at the lowest which even the minorities don't approve of, hope they open their eyes and see how a wedge is being driven by these so called custodians of secularism and self appointed spokespersons of the minorities. While she was at it then why not a tweet for Harbhajan isn't he from a minority group. Its unfortunate that we don't have a Christian cricket player else he too would have been singled out or clubbed in a tweet for the minorities.

If Sagarika Ghose tweet was provocative to illicit a response from the twitter community then her agenda was equally nefarious as the designs of her more infamous colleague Barkha Dutt.

PS: By the way I am not even going into the sequence in which the colours of the national flag have been rearranged, legally speaking it can be construed as disrespect to the national flag.