Monday, May 9, 2011

History repeats itself. After Osho, crypto-Christians targetting Swami Rajneesh?

History repeats itself. After Osho, crypto-Christians targetting Swami Rajneesh?: "

Remember the way Christian missionaries targetted Osho Rajneesh and destroyed Rajneeshpuram. The Missionaries used Ronald Reagon to drive away Osho from USA. That was way back in 1984. The excuse was drugs and sex.

Now history seems to have repeated itself. However, this time it is the Crypto-Christians. And Swami Rajneesh (disciple of Osho Rajneesh) has filed a 10 Crore Defamation Lawsuit against Goan Observer Editor Rajen Narayan for making defmatory allegations that Swami Rajneesh is a drug trafficker with links to “Hindutva terrorists”

Just watch the words. The Christian Media in India portrays Gurus and their ashrams as nothing but “drugs, sex and terrorism”. That is the way Hindu Gurus are being maligned. No doubt, slush funds from the Vatican and other Xtian organisations are being funnelled into these tabloids. Yellow journalism indeed.

FYI, Swami Rajneesh is building an Ashram near Canacona beach to provide a good atmosphere for meditators and sadhakas. Far from appreciating his efforts, the media is bad-pressing him.

This is nothing but pseudosecularism. How about bringing out a report on padre-nun rapes. No way. That is anaethema for our dear pseudosecularists.

Swami Rajneesh filed a 10 crore Defamation Lawsuit in the Court of Civil judge at Panaji on 3rd may 2011 challenging the Goan Observer Newspaper and Editor Rajan Narayan and filed for damages. The Goan Observer had published and made various defamatory and false allegations in his newspaper articles and informed the SP police and Anti Terrorism that Swami Rajneesh is a drug trafficker and money launderer and involved in various criminal activities and illegal land grab and bribery to the heads of the Goa government and departments Mr Rajen Narayan has also alleged that Swami Rajneesh is associated with or linked to the Sanathan Sanstha and the Hindutva Terrorism brigade who were responsible for many bomb blast in India