Monday, May 9, 2011

Osama's Jihad and India - Part 2 - Pre 9/11 times

Osama's Jihad and India - Part 2 - Pre 9/11 times: "
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Author: Rudra Devacharya

Continued from Part 1

OBL (and most Arabs) do not see the Pakistanis as Islamic brothers. In fact, they see the Pakistan-India conflict as something not very serious; it is a case of upstart recently-converted people fighting against kaffir who also are but highly Dhimmified and harmless people. From Arab point of view, If a serious conflict erupts, Pakistan (as Muslims) must be supported; however, it is better to maintain a distance from both Pakistan and India in general. Both have their uses. Pakis as servile mercenaries and dalals for China; Indians as cheap, docile and sometimes skilled labour. The idea that India constitutes a 'threat to Islam' would have made an Arab Ghazi like Bin Laden laugh... Kashmir or no Kashmir.

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