Thursday, September 17, 2009

‘If the image of Afzal Khan’s killing can't be viewed in Hindusthan, then should it be displayed in Pakistan?' - General |

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    • “If the picture of Slaying of Afzal Khan cannot be displayed in the Hindu majority country of Hindusthan, then should it be displayed in Pakistan ?
    • These thoughts were presented by Mr. Ramesh Shinde, Convener of HJS for Maharashtra and Gujarat State. His speech was organized at Phaltan by the Businessman’s Association.
    • The speech was attended by 70 businessman and other interested Hindus. At this time, Mr. Shinde gave warnings of calamities that could befall businessman and Hindus with specific incidents cited as proof. While giving an example of ‘How the Government is looting businessman ?’ he said, “In the Thane area of Mumbai, there is a Muslim majority area where the State Electricity Board has a pending bill amount worth Rupees 17 Crore (170 Million). A Board employee who had gone there for recovery of the bill did not come back, so now no one goes there for recovery of the Electricity bills. But if a Hindu does not pay his bill for one month, his Electricity connection is immediately removed.”