Monday, October 26, 2009

Linking of Goa blast to Sanatan is a conspiracy of Anti-Hindu entities! – Mr. Pramod Mutalik - Goa Blast Issue |

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    • Belgaum (Karnataka):
    • The government is unsuccessful in putting a stop to crime in Goa !

      Mr. Mutalik further stated that,’there is conspiracy behind planting a bomb in a two wheeler. It is an inappropriate action of the Goa government of to link this incident with Sanatan Sanstha. Government of Goa has totally failed to stop narcotic trade, scandals and crime. Nearly 28 cases of murder and 8 cases of rape have not been resolved yet. The criminals responsible for the destruction of 30 temples and idols in Goa are still roaming scot free. The incidents of finding swords in cars at Margao and Motidongar have not been solved yet. “