Monday, October 26, 2009

Shouldn't the same rules be applied to Congress & NCP who are putting Sanatan on trial? - Goa Blast Issue |

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    • The relation of the main leaders and office bearers of Congress and NCP (parties currently in power) with terrorists and criminals is given below. Due to political pressure applied by these parties there was no appeal to ban them neither was there any investigation on the politicians who were caught.
    • Congress Party

      1. The Congress politician and a Minister, Mr. Mohammad Surti was arrested for carrying out the bomb blasts in Surat in 1993 along with 5 conspirators and sentenced to 20 years in prison.

      2. The Senior Congress leader and previous Home Minister, Mr. Shivraj Patil protected Afzal Guru (the perpetrator of the attack on the Indian Parliament) by saying “What is the need to rush his execution?”

      3. “The offices of the Chief Minister and the Congress party as well as the gatherings of the Chief Minister are frequented by various international terrorists and wanted criminals like Dawood Ibrahim”. This was the comment made by the Revenue Minister of the Congress Government, Narayan Rane in parliament.
    • Nationalist Congress Party (NCP)

      1.Mr. Javed Sheik has more than 20 criminal actions registered against him in the Pimpri – Chinchwad area and is banned from entering that Municipal area. This previous Corporator of the NCP was arrested for being a member of the “Indian Mujahideen”. (Due to this ever increasing criminal activity, the NCP has recently expelled him.)

      2. The renowned lawyer, Mr. Ram Jethmalani said in an interview to the TV channel “Star Majha” that “Dawood wanted to come to India a long time ago, but Sharad Pawar stopped him from coming.”