Friday, October 16, 2009

Why the Church hates Hinduism « Indian Realist

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    • The reason why the church hates Hinduism is that the depth of Hindu philosophy — with its spiritual insights collected over 5,000 years by thousands of meditative sages, its universalism, its tolerance, its vastness of scope, its democracy of thought – offers a formidable threat to the simplistic and shallow “true god, false god” philosophy on which Chritianity and Islam are based.
    • To counter the appeal of Hinduism to White Christians, the church developed a strategy — it tried to become the main source of information and interpreter about what Hinduism is. 
    • The church has funded and put in place a range of hitorians, anthropologists and “experts” who write books and explanations about Hinduism. These are then pushed into libraries, bookshops and universities of the West. This odious lieterature of bogus scholarship — with misinterpretations,  wrong conclusions and outright lies — is written in such a way as to create contempt in the minds of the readers about Hinduism and give an impression that it is something primitive and uncivilised which they should steer clear of. This is the main trick of the church that it has been playing to kill Hinduism. The westerns are simply being lied to.
    • (Hindus worship cows, Ganesha’s trunk represents a limp phallus, Shiva Linga is a penis, Ganesh has sexual design on Paravati, Rama Krishna Paramhansa was a gay, caste system is a part of Hindu religion, etc. — this output is generated by the church agents acting as historians, experts, linguists, etc. and then dished out with a flourish to Westerners.) 
    • “Learn Hinduism from the Hindus, not from the church” should be the sales pitch.