Monday, November 2, 2009

HINDU SAMHATI: Hindus Fight Back in Bongaon

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    • Bangladeshi infiltrators grab land of Indian peasant in Bongaon, West Bengal; police arrests protesters agitating to recover their land.
    • In a shocking case of punishing the victim, local police officials in Bongaon area have arrested members of Hindu Samhati for protesting against land-grabbing by Bangladeshi Muslim infiltrators. Mr. Ajit Adhikari, Mr. Somnath Pal and seven other workers of HS were arrested while protesting against police atrocities in the land grabbing incident and have been locked in jail without bail. Even more shocking is the fact that no action has been taken by those Islamists involved in the land-grabbing.
    • The place of incident, Bongaon, is a sensitive border town less than 3 km from international border with Bangladesh.