Monday, November 9, 2009

Mangalorean.Com- Saffron Brigade enters college - Bhatkal town under a blanket of fear

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    • Bhatkal
    • A spontaneous movement of protest against duality of rules has come up for public consumption in Bhatkal. This highway town which has reduced the Hindus to minority is now poised for a religious show down. The town is now under thick blanket of police security especially to the educational institutions. The police feel that the uniform dress code in the college could create a communal situation.
    • The problem appears to have stemmed from the fact that the minority Hindus have been given a raw deal in the government college in Bhatkal. While all others have been made to wear the uniforms compulsorily the Minority Muslim students were allowed to wear their religious dresses in the college campus as well as in the class rooms. As a mark of protest of this duality of rules the Hindu minority students have taken up a novel protest of appearing in the college in their religious colours- Saffron. Men students sported Saffron dhotis and shawls while their lady counterparts wore anything that they could lay their hands on that was coloured in Saffron.  The Shawls and Dhotis of men students had the verses from Bhagavadgita.
    • Students told that "They were pained at the second hand citizen treatment given by the college, we are financially poor we have got stitched multiple pairs of uniforms as per the rules of the college and were wearing them regularly, but the Muslim women were allowed to wear any dress they wanted including the Burkahs and half scarves which was not a part of the uniform of the college. If the religious symbolism is so important in educational institutions why should it be different to Hindu minorities?, they queried.