Tuesday, November 24, 2009

steps to second partition: truth of islamic charity

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    • The Detral ignominy is no isolated incident. Last year, televangelist Dr Zakir Naik’s flush-with-petro-dollars Islamic Research Foundation (IRF) launched a scholarship scheme for Muslim students. That you might think is a good idea. But here again, conditions apply. Before all else, the aspiring candidates must pass the “Islam test”.
    • So here is free tuition to future aspirants on IRF’s ‘model answers’ to frequently asked questions:

      Is it OK for Indian Muslims to sing Vande Mataram?

      Model answer: Forget Muslims, even Hindus must follow the Vedas and refrain from such sinful act. (Rigveda, page…, para…, mantra…; the IRF is pretty good at playing the memory game).

      Why can’t non-Muslims practice their faith in Saudi Arabia?

      Model answer: Simple, stupid! Islam is the only true religion. How can sinful ways of worship be allowed in the land of the only true religion?

      Were the Taliban justified in demolishing the Bamiyan Buddhas?

      Model answer: But of course! Since there were no Buddhists in Afghanistan and the territory belonged to the Afghans, they were right in destroying their own property. (How did Buddhists disappear from Afghanistan? Don’t act smart!)
    • The writer is co-editor, ‘Communalism Combat’ and general secretary ‘Muslims for Secular Democracy’.