Thursday, January 14, 2010

Google's threat to China is an opportunity for India- Internet-Infotech-The Economic Times

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    • Google's top executives have agonised about the increasing extent they have had to given in to the Chinese government's demands for control of information, and evidently some breaking point has now been reached. The company strongly suspects that the cyber attacks it has faced in China have been inspired by the government, for whom even the unprecedented concessions Google has made for China are not enough. This then is the breaking point: no matter the huge potential of China, Google feels that it can only compromise so far.
    • The immediate impact within China will probably be negligible, exactly because of the censorship that the Chinese government maintains, but the cumulative impact will not be small. At the very least it throws an uncomfortable spotlight on all the other companies, particularly those involved in the information and knowledge industries, who are acquiescing with Chinese control; Mr.Rupert Murdoch, for one, can expect some tough questioning.

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