Thursday, January 14, 2010

Sindh Today – Online News » Inter-faith meet condemns Swiss mosque minarets ban

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    • eligious scholars and intellectuals Thursday condemned the Swiss government’s recent ban on minarets of mosques in their country and decided to approach the United Nations and Amnesty International in the matter.

      The religious scholars, including Hindu and Christian priests, demanded that the ban on the minarets be lifted in order to protect and promote religious diversity and multi-culturalism in Switzerland, according to Sahyog Cultural Society chairman Sami Bubere.

    • Mumbai
    • Other prominent personalities who participated in the even included Ameen Patel, Yusuf Muchhala, Zahir Kazi, Parvati Khan, Zeenat Shaukat Ali, Munisa Bushra Abidi, Puneet Chaturvedi, Edward Yazdi, and S.S. Ahuja.

      The meeting also passed a resolution which would be submitted to the Maharashtra government, Prime Minister’s Office, the Ministry of External Affairs, the Swiss Embassy in New Delhi and its consulate in Mumbai, Bubere said.

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